My Story

My name is Erin and I am the owner of Harmony Emporium! A little background about me is in my previous life I was in Foodservice Management for my day job and have a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts as well.

I did not always want to own my own boutique and had thought about a few other options when thinking to myself : What Next?!

My husband and I struggled for 8 years to have a viable pregnancy to fulfill our hearts desire to have a child of our own; finally in September of 2018 we were blessed with our spunky girl! My job became a little more difficult to juggle with an infant but I was making it work, and then the Pandemic hit. I started looking for a creative outlet to help me try to deal with all that was going on (remember I was in foodservice and that got hit HARD with restrictions). I started to make bows for my sweet girl and then selling them to others in May of 2020. I had discovered a WHOLE WORLD of boutique owners, crafters, mothers that I fell in love with. Mommy and me with my rainbow/miracle baby was a highlight!

Fast forward a little over a year and a half later I started to become burned out at my job, COVID19 was not going away and I really needed to think about what would make my life richer, fuller, happier? This got me thinking of what I like to do….SHOP, but not just shop, STYLE! Help myself/ friends/ family find items that fit their body type, made them feel more confident in themselves. I also loved finding those one of a kind pieces for my daughter, styling, and accessorizing her wardrobe as part of that small shop world. As a plus size woman I understand how difficult it can be to step inside a department store, try on dozens of items and still leave empty handed…Living in a rural community my only options were to travel or shop online to find things that would fit right, with A LOT of trial and error…So I took a leap! And created Harmony Emporium, a size inclusive boutique with irresistible Women and Children clothing! To keep my creative side happy I included custom Ts I print in store for ALL sizes as well as other gifts and accessories… and I still make some of those adorable bows too!